Saving & Loan Products

Saving ProductInterest Rate
Compulsory/Group Saving7.5%
Personal Saving7.5%
Life Saving8.0%
Smart Life Saving8.0%
Center Fund7.5%
Child Saving 9.0%
Loan ProductInterest RateService Charge
General Loan15.0%1.5%
Project Loan15.0%1.5%
Seasonal Loan/Discipline Loan15.0%1.5%
Micro Health Insurance Loan15.0%1.5%
Micro Enterprise Loan/Collateral Loan 15.0%1.5%

* Terms and Conditions May Apply

Dalit, Mukta kamaiya, Badi, Haliya, Disaster victim, Single women, Disabled and Elderly citizens will be provided a discount of 1% percent on interest rate.

In case of delay repayment of loan additional 3% penalty will be added.

Insurance Product 

Loan Insurance

Insurance for Member Death

Insurance for Member Spouse Death

Insurance for Member Maternity